Benefits of Shopping for Genuine Leather Handbags Online

Belle Liz

Posted on September 14 2020

Benefits of Shopping for Genuine Leather Handbags Online


From the sounds of the modem connecting and GeoCities pages to streaming movies, TV and music, we have come a long, long way from the first days of the internet. One thing that has seen a gargantuan change due to the internet is how we buy things. In the blink of an eye, it seems that there was a significant shift from heading out to brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping. And as the world of digital continues to evolve, more advantages of doing your shopping online continue to emerge.

As women, we get more pleasure from buying handbags more than basically anything else. We go crazy about genuine leather bags, which serve as our all-time favourite accessories to flaunt our styles and complete our look. It is a necessity which we simply cannot do without, as we strut down our intangible fashion runways every day. And there is absolutely no reason why we can’t shop for handbags online!

If you are one of the ladies who hasn’t had the pleasure of shopping from an online bag store before, you are most definitely missing out. Why? Here are 5 reasons to kickstart your online handbag-shopping journey now!

1. Lugging your loots home has become a thing of the past: Convenience is everything!

First and foremost – the convenience factor. It can be incredibly tiring having to get out there and walk from store to store, checking out what is on offer and finding the perfect handbag to suit your needs. Why do that when you can browse while you are still in your pyjamas?

Plus, after you have made a few purchases, you are more or less loaded up with shopping bags that you have to carry around with you – which can be a real bother, especially if they hold substantial weight. Travelling home via public transport? No way. That makes things even more difficult!

When you buy handbags online, you can wave goodbye to long treks of visiting multiple shops and lugging heavy shopping bags around. You have the luxury of doing all the browsing from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

2. YES to the joy of 24/7 shopping

Ever experienced the mad rush of finding your way to a shop during your lunch break? Or maybe you decided to race to the malls after work, only to discover that they’d already closed their shutters and dimmed the lights. One of the downside of brick-and-mortar stores is that they can’t stay open all day and night. And that is where e-commerce shines.

No matter what time of day (or night), you can easily find the time to jump onto an online bag store, and everything is there ready for you to see. You can make your purchase whenever and wherever you feel like it, a perfect solution for all the ladies who lead a busy lifestyle.

3. Get the best bang for your buck

Because vendors know how easy it is for their customers to compare prices across multiple e-commerce sites with just a couple of clicks, prices are very competitive among online bag stores. Conversely, in a physical store, we’d usually just settle for the price shown without ever comparing – which means that you will never really know whether you are getting a good deal or being ripped off.

Shopping for genuine leather bags online gives you the power to snag exclusive deals, while also keeping your spending within your budget.

4. Return and exchanges process made easy

If you are unhappy with your purchase, most websites have their own returns and exchanges policies that are clearly laid out in black and white. The process of returning and exchanging is now easier than ever before.

There are even some online bag stores (like us, at Belle Liz) that go above and beyond by providing a guarantee of exchange and return, regardless of your reasons.

5. Long queues and sale crowd – no more

The experience of waiting in long lines or jostling through heavy crowds, sometimes before you’ve even set foot in the store, is pretty nightmarish, we know. Skip the queues and crazy, pushy crowds even during holiday seasons and the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) season by shopping for all your handbags online!

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