Complementing Your Bag to Your Body Shape and Type

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Posted on November 22 2020

Complementing Your Bag to Your Body Shape and Type


In a perfect world, all of the different types of ladies’ bags out there would match every female body shape. Unfortunately, though, this just isn’t the case – bags aren’t simply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ accessory. Just like carefully choosing the right outfit to flatter our specific body types properly, it’s also really important that we find a bag type that suits our silhouette.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into each of the different female body types in order to help you find the best match.

A look into the female body shapes

1. Inverted triangle shape

Women whose waist and hips are smaller than the shoulders and bust, and whose shoulders are the broadest part of their bodies fall into the ‘inverted triangle’ shape category. This body shape is dubbed as one of the most athletic-looking silhouettes.

If you fall into this category, we recommend opting for longer straps which will help balance your top and bottom halves well. It’s important that you accentuate the most flattering part of your body (that is, your waist and hips) and divert attention from your shoulders to create a more balanced look – which a petite cross body bag will do wonderfully.

In the Belle Liz collection, we suggest either the Retro Vintage PU Round Bag or the Black and Gold Chain Crossbody Bag; both offering lengthy straps that will no doubt complement your figure harmoniously.

2. Triangle/pear shape

For the ladies who fall in the triangle/pear shape category with wider hips compared to their upper body (which boasts narrow shoulders and a smaller waist), your goal is to look slimmer from the waist down.

What you can do is to downplay the waist and hip area by drawing attention and focus to your shoulders and chest using a strap length that doesn’t fall below the waistline. With that said, longer-strapped bags are a no-go for this body shape. On the flip side, a shoulder bag or handbag with short handles, like our Crossbody Charming PU Bag and/or Superb Tag PU Handbag, fit the bill!

3. Rectangle shape

If your waist, shoulders and hips are all about the same width and size, chances are that you’ll fall into the rectangle shape group.

For rectangle-shaped ladies, it’s crucial to create and accentuate some curve lines. To achieve this, you should probably steer clear of structured bags or ones that fall around the hips. Instead, opt for wider bags with slouchy shapes, such as oversized hobo bags made with soft leather.

The Dashing Ladies PU Hobo Handbag, which comes in both black and brown, not only harmonise with the rectangular shape perfectly, but also offers a considerable amount of storage room for all your essentials.

4. Apple shape

As you might imagine, the apple shape is constituted by narrower shoulders and thighs, in comparison to the bust and waist area.

Women in this body shape category should try to create an illusion to balance out the body’s outlines. Forget small and unstructured bags – go big (and wide) with a structured tote bag.

Apple-shaped ladies in Singapore will adore both the Large Shoulder Ladies Handbag and Simple Classic Design PU Handbag, each designed to suit your body type and accentuate your beautiful features splendidly.

5. Hourglass shape

The characteristics of the hourglass figure include a well-defined waist accompanied by well-balanced shoulders and hips.

Generally regarded as the most desirable body shape for women across the globe, including Singapore, those with this body type are pretty blessed when it comes to bags. Why? Simply because you’re really free to accessorise with bags of all shapes and sizes, including tote bags and shoulder bags, satchels, cross body bags and more. That said, for those who are lucky enough to fall under the hourglass category, go forth and experiment with the entire collection of bags from Belle Liz to find the perfect fit.


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