Dressing Up for Your First Day at Work: A Guide to Picking the Best Ladies Bag to Carry

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Posted on October 09 2020

Dressing Up for Your First Day at Work: A Guide to Picking the Best Ladies Bag to Carry


First and foremost: congratulations on your new job. It’s a challenging climate right now in the job market, but you’ve stood out among all the other candidates vying for the throne – kudos to you!

We know just how overwhelming (and a little intimidating) it can be for a new graduate to make their way into the corporate world. We’ve all been there, and we completely understand that there will be some nerves kicking around, which can result in you feeling somewhat uneasy. Fret not, we’re here to help dissolve some of that and empower you for your first day at work.

First impression counts

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It’s not a secret that first impression matters. In today’s modern society, we are all about dressing to impress. And what if we told you that a stylish bag for women could make all the difference?

While you’ve already impressed your interviewers, the chances are that you’ll be interacting with many other co-workers at work. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

At this point, you’d probably picked out the outfit of your choice. But do you have the right ladies’ bag to complement your getup well?

There are plenty of work-ready bags on the market right now. But it is also undeniable that a whole lot of consideration falls into the equation when looking for the right one that has all it takes to carry your big career dreams. Hence, we’ve compiled a useful guide to help you choose one that complements your needs.

It has to be functional

First and foremost, the functionality of your corporate bag really is key. Consider the nature of your job and what you’ll need to fit in there. Think – work essentials like a notebook, water bottle, your phone and, most importantly, a work laptop.

Given that we’re not entirely out of the woods yet for COVID-19, you may very well find yourself switching from office to remote working – so you need to be able to carry your laptop around with ease and comfort.

Look for something relatively spacious with at least a few pockets for you to compartmentalise your belongings. You’d probably want to skip those that make you look like you’re carrying a clunky suitcase or ones that are absurdly small.

Choose one that reflects your personality

Previously, we’ve covered what your bag says about your personality(check out the article here!). But on top of those points, you need to also remember that it should be suitable for a workplace setting too. Think about the print, texture and colour. Don’t choose something that’s too loud. Remember: your goal here is to look polished.

With that said, you really can’t ever go wrong with a more neutral shade such as black or beige. Minimalist – keep an eye on these colours!

For those of you who are a little more adventurous, you’d be able to flaunt your personality with stylish women’s bags in either wine or blue colour.

Go for a bag that can serve you reliably

Durability, need we say more? If you are taking it with you through the daily commutes, you need to make sure you are getting something robust and made to last. The last thing you want is to invest in a new bag every 6 months or so. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place.

When you’re looking to buy bags online, ones that are not only durable but also deliver a true sense of style, choose Belle Liz. Proudly putting affordable, top-quality ladies bags within easy reach, you’re bound to find that office-approved carryall of your dreams. 

Our top 3 picks from Belle Liz

Leather Tote Bag in Black 

Leather Tote Bag in Black

A gorgeous and spacious tote in black, you’ll be able to fit everything you need to get your work done – wherever you’re working. If you are looking for something that can withstand the tests of time, this is it.  

Tall Tote Bag in Wine Red

Tall Tote Bag in Wine Red

Complete with plenty of pockets and compartments for you to organise your work necessities, this genuine cow leather tote bag in gorgeous wine red is a fantastic companion for the bolder ladies who are out to make a real statement!

Round Shell Lock Bag in Dark Brown

Round Shell Lock Bag in Dark Brown

Built with a lock and a zipper, here’s your chance to look super chic and stylish while reducing the odds of losing your gears. Instead of chasing after volatile fashion trends, this classic round shell lock bag in dark brown never fails to deliver! Plus, it can fit everything from your phone, umbrella, wallet and lots more with ease.

Are you ready to turn heads on your first day?

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