How To Maintain the Beauty of Your Leather bag?

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Posted on October 15 2018

How To Maintain the Beauty of Your Leather bag?


A leather handbag is highly functional and beautiful. A high-end leather handbag is likely to be expensive, especially those that are associated with a reputed brand-name. Even though leather is very hard-wearing, it can still get easily damaged due to a couple of reasons, including mould, water, humidity, and daily use. But by taking the necessary action to make sure the leather remains strong and supple, you will have a better chance of maintaining the quality and the aesthetical aspects of the bag for the long run.

Here are some of the many steps that can be taken to protect the leather handbags:

Start Protecting Your Handbag From The Day Of Purchase:

When a person buys a new thing, he/she always wishes to maintain and keep it in the right condition and place to prevent it from getting damaged. The same trick applies when you purchase leather bags online or elsewhere. It is highly recommended to use certain leather protection cream starting from the first of purchase itself. The cream will act as a protective layer to the leather and will keep it safe from wear and tear.


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Clean Your Bag On A Regular Basis:

It does not matter if the leather bag is an old or new one, cleaning it on a regular basis is a must. You can use a clean damp cloth to wipe off its surface. Ideally, such bags require a thorough cleanup done by experts or you can use specialist leather cleaning products in every two to three months to maintain the soft and supple nature of the leather material.

Make Sure To Use Specialist Cleaners:

Avoid using vinegar, baby wipes or any other kind of home remedy to clean dirt or dust particles from the leather bag. Most of these items contain chemicals which can result in color loss or drying. Hence, always use specialist cleaning products.

Invest In A Protective Dust Bag To Store The Leather Bag:

To offer the ideal level of protection throughout storage, you can think of investing in a protective dust bag cover which is intended for the storage of leather-based items. An ideal alternative to the dust bags is a cotton pillowcase or a similar such item.

Stuff The Bag:

When the bag is not in use, you should stuff it with a bubble wrap or some of your old clothing to avoid any odd shapes or marks on the leather surface.


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 Hold The Bag Over The Arm Whenever Possible:

Although this is an odd point, the natural oils secreted by the skin or the moisturizer you use can cause damage to the leather and may also result in discoloring. As such, protecting the bag by holding it over your arms whenever possible is one of the best options.

Make Sure The Cover’s On:

    When you are in a hurry, you may forget to seal your pen, water bottles or even your foundation properly. This may damage not just the inside but the outside material of the bad as well. Hence, take plenty of time and place pens, make-up or water bottle in the leather bag properly with the lids on.

    Keep Your Bag At The Right Spot:


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    Be it at work, home or in the car, it is important to keep the leather bag at the right spot. To avoid damage and discoloring of leather, you must avoid placing it close to heaters or direct sunlight. Heat is a major factor which can cause dryness and eventually result in cracking. Hence, the best way to protect the bag is by using leather cleaner or conditioner and cleaning it once in every six weeks to keep the bag in a high-quality condition at all times.

    Utilize A Handbag Hook:

      To avoid water splashes from grubby floors and wet tables since this has the potential to cause water stains on the surface of the leather, you can use a handbag hook to keep your bag safe.

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