Ladies Wallet in Singapore | Why You Need a Purse to Complete Your Everyday Ensemble

Belle Liz

Posted on August 27 2020

Ladies Wallet in Singapore | Why You Need a Purse to Complete Your Everyday Ensemble


There is nothing else that seems to continue to expand over the years more than a ladies wallet. Singapore women, and women all over the world, for that matter – tend to amass quite an immeasurable collection of cards, photos and seemingly important trinkets that are added to our wallets. And that does not even include the bank notes and change, either!

Serving as a counterpart of our arm candies, as the fashion world continues to evolve and revolutionise, wallets have very quickly become an indispensable part of every woman’s ensemble. Ladies, while your wallet may not be a loud accessory, when it comes to style and functionality, even the teeniest details can work to transform a good look into a great look.

In this blog post, we share the reasons why your get-up is never complete without the presence of one.


3 Reasons Why You Need a Ladies Wallet in Singapore


1. Even the tiniest detail speaks volumes about who you are

While every woman may use a wallet, none will be using them the same way as each other. In our previous blog post, we discussed how wearing different types of bags express different things to the world, and wallets are no different. They too, play a huge role in defining your persona.

It is almost like an echo of your style and expression of your identity as an individual and how you want to be perceived. It allows your personality to shine through and communicate who you are, without you having to even say a word. So if you need to make a statement about who you are and what you are all about, a wallet is just the accessory you need to do it.

2. An instant accessory that will spice up your outfits in mere seconds

Your wallet holds an incredible amount of power for something of its size. It can help enhance the beauty of even the simplest outfit out there, while also providing you with comfort in its reliability. It has the power of helping you look put-together (and gorgeous) even if the rest of your outfit is pared down, and can even stand alone as a bold fashion statement that will spark office conversations aplenty.

Speaking of which, it is really no surprise that your adorable little purse won’t ever let you down at work – or anywhere else. Pack every one of your essentials in one compact carrier, loop your arm through it and strut into and out of your office in sheer style. And while that sounds simple, donning a stylish, beautiful wallet makes your look anything but lacklustre.

3. Not forgetting the functionality aspect

So we have covered the style and fashion points. Now let’s get into the fundamental reason why purses were created in the first place. That is – for its functionality! They have not always been a key part of completing your ensemble; in fact, many moons ago, they were quite basic looks-wise and only served the sole purpose of carrying around necessities without burdening you with their size. Although it is a purpose which they continue to serve to this day, they have since developed and evolved tremendously to keep up with the needs of modern women. Think – an increase in compartments along with expanding colour, texture and material choices.

Ladies wallets in Singapore now come in endless designs and sizes made for minimal carry yet maximal practicality. So whatever your style is or however much you need to take with you while you are out and about, you can easily find a wallet to fit perfectly.

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