Leather Bags for All Working Women

Belle Liz

Posted on July 15 2020

Leather Bags for All Working Women


As women, we have a lot of necessary things we need to take with us wherever we go - much more than we would ever be able to fit into our pockets (if our clothes had any, of course!). Over the years, leather bags have evolved from serving simply a practical purpose into a key part of fashion - the ultimate accessory to complete a look.

Buying genuine leather bags might not be seen as something high on the must-buy list for women in Singapore, but it certainly should be! Investing in a premium-quality one that’ll carry everything you need from Monday to Friday in style is probably the smartest decision working women can make, especially for those who are always on the move.

Still unsure as to whether you should get out and pick up a gorgeous new genuine leather bag? Here are a few top reasons why they’re an all-time fantastic buy.

Unmatched Functionality

There are seemingly endless variations of leather bags for women out there, providing a huge amount of functionality all wrapped up within a design that works for you as an individual.

You can find styles aplenty, with features to suit any and every taste; from buckles and handles to shoulder strap fittings, zippers, locks, and more, there really is something that fits perfectly with all types of dressing  styles. So whether you’re at your 9-to-6 corporate gig or it’s the weekend, and you’re out having fun, there’s a design out there to match, accompanied with a practical purpose of keeping all your essentials within reach and well-organised.

Taking Durability to a Whole New Level

Investing in leather, whether it’s a bag, belts, purses, or otherwise, means you’re investing in something that’s been made to last. We all know the extremes we can put our bags through, which is why quality manufacturers focus not just on style and design but also durability - it’s not enough that they look amazing, they have to stand the test of time as well.

And if it sounds like a fantasy that they can accompany you on your journey through life over decades, you’ll be surprised to know that quality leather bags that have been made with care will do precisely that. Feel secure knowing that whatever you put it through, you can trust it to be with you without breaking.

Timeless Style

Whether we’re just popping out to the shops or heading to work for an important meeting, as women, we express ourselves through what we wear. And bags made from leather have become an integral part of our stylish ensemble.

The great thing about them is that because there’s such a huge range out there to choose from, they can be a bit of everything; professional, minimalistic, chic, versatile, sophisticated, refined, and much more. Leather bags are unquestionably timeless and they will remain as fashionable in years to come as they are today.

The bottom line is that no other material can, or will ever, outmatch the flair that leather has to offer. Leather bags keep a career woman looking her best every day of the working week, from the moment she leaves her home to when she gets home and kicks off her heels after a long day.

Finding Affordable Leather Bags in Singapore Isn’t Impossible!

You might still be humming and hawing about whether you should invest in one - we know, it can be hard to justify, especially ones that have a price tag that matches the price of a new small car. But buying one doesn’t mean you have to empty your entire bank account! The key is to make a practical investment; you don’t need to go down the huge designer logos or extravagant labels.

Homegrown labels like ours at Belle Liz offer quality, affordable leather bags. Women in Singapore can benefit from our products, which deliver premium-quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed style - without the premium price tag, of course.

Leather bags are more than just simple fashion accessories. They empower women to make a bold statement, and we’re immensely proud to give women in Singapore the means to do so.

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