Style Forecast: 5 Ladies Bag Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2021

Belle Liz

Posted on December 10 2020

Style Forecast: 5 Ladies Bag Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2021


As the new year fast approaches (goodbye, 2020!), it’s high time for every fashionista out there to put a stylish new spin on their wardrobes again. And with the recent fashion month letting the world in on the latest ladies’ bag trends for the Spring 2021 season, we’ve all got something to look forward to style-wise.

If you weren’t able to catch everything that happened throughout fashion month, that’s ok – we’ve got your back. As you can imagine, Belle Liz has a very keen interest in upcoming fashion trends and, as such, we’ve been able to put together the following list of next season’s trends for you.

There are quite a few options that are ready to take the fashion world by storm, so whatever your preference is, you’re bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the handbags in Singapore that are going to be red-hot in 2021!

1. The oversized bag

While the micro purse style has been a big contender throughout 2020, next year is going big – we mean, literally. The oversized bag is set to be next season’s must-have accessory amongst the fashion pack, and designers are already fully embracing the extremes, producing gargantuan-sized ladies’ bags which are ready to hit the shelves coming Spring 2021.

Let’s also not forget that because of their size, you’ll be able to fit everything you could ever want or need in your new oversized bag – and most likely have plenty of room to spare, too.

2. Comeback of the clutch

Yes, we know the clutch bag has been around for quite some time now. But it’s been some time since it’s been a leader in the category. Fortunately, for those who love clutching one when out and about, we’re expecting them to make a massive comeback in the new year. So, it’s high time to expand your collection and make a bold fashion statement with a fresh new clutch.

One of the biggest reasons why they’re such a fantastic complement to your outfit is their exceptional versatility. Whether you’re out for lunch or out for a night on the town, they really cannot go wrong.

3. The slouchy silhouette

Our unwavering love for the slouchy, cosy aesthetic has finally transcended beyond apparels – accessories have now taken the cue too, including handbags. In Singapore and across the globe, soft folds and ruching that are gentle on the eyes will be taking over the ultra-structured bag trend of 2020, providing a more laid-back aura.

4. Neon colour palette

Lovers of bold colours, rejoice! Because there’s going to be an explosion of colour in the bag trend of 2021! Delivering a loud style statement that can’t be missed, the ultra-bright, highlighter-hued neon colours that resemble candies will make everyone want to dip their toes into the trend pool. It’ll be a warm reminder to us all that accessories are meant to be fun and cheery.

And after the year we’ve had, this reminder couldn’t come any sooner!

5. Weave it up

All hail the straws and nets! This styling is a wardrobe staple that has successfully stolen the hearts of ladies worldwide and taken the fashion world by storm – expect to see it everywhere come Spring 2021. The carefree aesthetic of netted bags and woven fisherman iterations offer a very comfortable and lightweight way to complement your breezy Spring and Summer looks idyllically.

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