Types of Bags that Every Women Should Own

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Posted on October 26 2018

Types of Bags that Every Women Should Own


Women are obsessed with bags and handbags. They really can’t get enough of using those bags, and in the meantime, they can never have enough of the handbags either. This is natural for women. Some women collect a lot of handbags of different variant, and some do not pay much attention to have a lot of bags.

Nevertheless, there are a certain variety of bags that every single woman on the planet should own as they as extremely important to carry things around. The best thing to do is to possess the most important variety of bags that you as a woman can use at the time of need. To know what sort of bag you want to get your hands on, you should take a look below.

Crossbody Bag:

The crossbody bag is usually worn across the body and sports a long strap. This type of bag is quite stylish, eye-catchy, and practical and is extremely accessible. The bags are both affordable and expensive depending on the brand. Women are always on the go these days, and they have to juggle between a lots of things.


crossbody bags


The crossbody bags allow a woman to feel a little more liberated. Crossbody bags came into the fashion industry a few years back in the midst of the growing popularity of the smartphones. You can choose crossbody bags from different size variants. Top notch brands like Hermes and Ferragamo offer this type of bags.

Leather Tote Bag:

The leather tote bag is usually designed with the highest quality of faux leather, and it is very much popular among women. The bag is graceful, and at the same time, it looks beautiful when women sway the bag which walking down the street or a conference hall.

Leather Tote bags, generally are a little bulky and more prominent in size but they look very classy, the bigger size of the bag makes it perfect for the women who store a lot of things when they leave their house. As far as interlocking of this bag is concerned, it features padded handles and smart metal latch to sure that these bags can be carried conveniently.


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Shoulder Bag:

Generally, the design of the shoulder bag provides multiple benefits to the modern day woman. The larger variants of shoulder bags sport a small wallet bag that is attached to it. Among all the shoulder bags, the tan or brown coloured shoulder bags looks amazing which can go with any casual or traditional dress.

Shoulder bags are used regularly for big trips, small picnics and shopping as well. It comes with colours and enticing prints that are mostly preferred in jeans. The additional benefit of carrying shoulder bags is that it comes with an extra small bag where you can store your money and won’t have to look anywhere. It also comes with funky designs for teenagers and young ladies.

Clutch Bag:

When it comes to handbag fashion, small is a big thing, and this makes the clutch bags completely elegant, classy and quite sophisticated. Clutch bags are also known as ‘A Day Clutch.’ When you are going to attend a party or a public event, you cannot always sport a huge bag.


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Some women find it very much difficult to carry a clutch bag as they have to decide what the things that they must not carry are and what they should, this isn’t a downside because donning clutch bags is worth every dime. Now a day, the clutch bags come with a lot of variants to choose from.

For Instance, if you’re one of those people who cannot go with the small clutch, then you would be happy to know that some brands offer clutch bags with a few compartments and this will give you the necessary space you need to store your stuff. Nevertheless, every girl needs to have a clutch.

When you are concerned with what bags should you buy and what you shouldn’t then you mustn’t worry as you get limitless options with Belle-Liz. You can find the widest range of bags for women according to their needs and necessities. You will find the latest and the trendiest collection of different varieties of bags and buy handbags online.

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