What Everyone Likes About Leather Clutch Singapore

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Posted on April 11 2019

What Everyone Likes About Leather Clutch Singapore


A clutch is crucial for going out. The strapless version you can embrace with one hand or clamp under the arm. A clutch is an evening bag in miniature, in which you put everything you need. Minimalist, edgy and stylish: Bring the chic into your evening wear. A leather clutch Singapore is made of high quality, hand-processed leather. The design leaves you a lot of freedom to express your personality.

The Clutch: Small Sized Bag for Magnetic Performances

She is the smallest bag ever and already has a great career behind her. For the first time, it became a popular accessory in the Roaring Twenties. Already at that time, Singapore, the intoxicating metropolis of the Golden Twenties, was style defining. The clutch suited the self-determined style of the women who got rid of the corset to indulge in the swinging hanging clothes the excessive nightlife.


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When you buy a leather clutch, you decide to buy a small evening bag. A clutch is bigger than a purse, so you put in it wallet along with key, smartphone and make-up which saves you from having to dig for a long time. Credit card, concert ticket and the like you stowed away in practical zip. What you do not need at the after-work party, you simply leave at home.

Glamorous and Functional: Buy a Pair of Leather Clutches

We find that a clutch should convince as an evening bag not only visually but also functionally. What would you like a clutch with or without shoulder strap? You have the choice, because they have a removable shoulder strap or a flexible cross body curbs chain. Reversible is the haptic quality of a leather clutch. Even when it is fast through the nightlife, it does not slip out of your hand. The soft leather nestles softly in your hand - which is ideal for a bag that you "cling" to all the time. 

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So that everything fits the small-sized bag, it is cleverly divided. Separate smartphone and coin compartments, pen and key holders, outer compartments with a discreet zipper as well as plug-in options for credit card and ID cards make perfect use of the limited storage space. So you need never rummage through your clutch long.

Handmade Clutches Made of High Quality Leather

Whether shoulder bag, fanny pack, shopper or clutch ladies leather bags online shopping sets the highest quality standards for all bags. This applies to the material as well as to the processing. We use exquisite leathers, which preserve their fine texture through an elaborate tanning with botanicals.


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To ensure the permanent high quality, all bags are handmade. We rely on production facilities in Singapore. The logo of brand always fits perfectly into the overall picture. It is either stylishly embossed in leather or applied as a gold or silver-colored metal application - and always fits the design.

Tanning makes leather resistant, but even more robust are coated surfaces. Alternatively, impregnation or treatment with other leather care products will permanently protect the leather from moisture and dirt.

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