What Your Bag Says About Your Personality

Belle Liz

Posted on August 14 2020

What Your Bag Says About Your Personality

Clutch Bag, Cross Body Bag, Shoulder Bag and More: What Your Bag Says About Your Personality


We all know how much of an important role bags play in shaping the everyday style of women around the world. They can define your style, make (or break) an outfit, or completely transform your look while carrying your entire world within their walls.

With our bags by our side, we make memories that will last a lifetime – you can think of them as an extension of ourselves that we simply can’t live without! Far beyond functionality and style factors, your choice of bag is also a reflection of both your personality and lifestyle.

So what do the different types of bags express to the world?

What These Stylish Bags for Women Say About You


The Handbag

handbag personality

Wearing a handbag out and about tells the world you are a stunner; a lady with power, elegance and confidence, and one who is ready to turn heads everywhere you go. Depending on your style preference, you are most likely a power woman who is ready to take on the world and accomplish something spectacular.

If you love women’s stylish bags like our Top Handle Leather Bag or Round Shell Lock Bag, among others, you are absolutely out to conquer. Go forth and flaunt your fashion prowess as you tuck your handbag under your arms!


The Clutch Bag

clutch bag personality

If a clutch bag is your thing, you are a total minimalist at heart. Who says to exude class and glamour, it is imperative you need a big and loud accessory? Sometimes, less is really more. Whether you are carrying it in your hand or have it slung over your shoulder on a detachable strap, because of its spot-on petite size, you only need (and want) to carry the essentials.

To all you clutch bag lovers out there, you are glammed up and always ready to take on anything and everything that comes charging your way, whenever and wherever that may be.


The Cross Body Bag

crossbody bag personality

Does the practical and stunning cross body bag hold a special place in your heart? Wearing these wonderfully stylish bags for women shows you are the personification of free-spirited, spontaneous and adventurous – all rolled into one beautiful soul.

While you are a lover of all things stylish, you really do not enjoy being weighed down by the hundred-and-one things that many others feel the need to carry while on the go.

Whether you choose to sling it across your body or prefer it over the shoulder, you are absolutely ready and raring to bring out your unique brand of zest and make an impression on a ladies’ night out.


The Shoulder Bag

shoulder bag personality

If it is the shoulder bag that is your trusted go-to, you are full of magnetic charisma. A shoulder bag is known as the jack-of-all-trades in the realm of handbags, taking you from a busy day at work through to heading out for the night – without even the need for a change of outfits!

You are deeply ambitious, but with a little playfulness tossed in, you captivate all those around you and evoke a profound sense of joy.


The Tote Bag

tote bag personality

Far-sighed and oh-so-ready to deal with any and every sort of situation that life may throw your way, you are always prepared for every occasion and circumstance. The beauty of tote bags is that because they are so exceptionally roomy, they can carry all your essentials and more: laptop, water bottle, after-work outfit, first aid pouch, business cards and so on; pretty much everything but the kitchen sink!

You are proud to be the go-to in your group of friends and co-workers for nitty-gritty things like plasters. Although you are a firm believer of planning ahead and always being prepared, you never lose sight of being present and in the moment.


The Backpack

backpack personality

You live life with full enthusiasm. The backpack is an immensely practical companion that enables you to carry on your adventures hands-free; nothing is ever going to get in your way.

You love stepping out of your comfort zone and celebrating every remarkable milestone in life.

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