Shoulder Bags

The Sleek and Chic Shoulder Bag

A piece that every fashionable girl or woman is sure to have on her radar is the shoulder bag. Invented back in the 1930s, the shoulder bag we now know of has slowly evolved in its design aesthetics throughout the years. With famous designers like Tom Ford, crafting, and creating iconic pieces, several fashion-houses have replicated similar styles that are still apparent to this day. Evolving from a “traditional” piece to one that has recently taken the world by storm with its revival in the fashion industry, shoulder bags are a staple accessory for women of Singapore and across the world.

A Classic Worth Investing In

Our collection of bags sees no age barrier. To meet the expectations of all women, be it young teens or working adults, we at Belle Liz boast the largest collections of unique bags. With thorough research on the latest trends and quality materials, Belle Liz has distinguished itself from other online platforms, guaranteeing customers its ability to deliver products that will fit their specific needs. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that our collection of shoulder bags is of top-quality and meet the high demands of all Belle Liz customers.

Belle Liz | One-Stop Shoulder Bag Distributor in Singapore

The quality of the material is something we consider carefully when sourcing for bags from overseas. With our loyal customers acting as a testament to the top-notch quality products we deliver, Belle Liz guarantees new customers the same. While we continue to deliver in-style pieces, our team strives to keep our products within an affordable range. This is so that women from all walks of life can enjoy the pleasures of owning an exceptionally exclusive bag, emblematic of their personal style. Looking for an affordable shoulder bag that is unique? Browse our sales category, and take a pick while stocks last.